Could Eid-El-Fitr really be on Sunday 01-05-2022?

One of the greatest sins in Islam is perjury, because it results a great damage for the person against whom it’s used. The damage of this testimony is more terrible if the consequences fall on the whole Islamic nation. So how can a Muslim accept having this great burden on his back on the Day of Resurrection?


We received with astonishment the news of the announcement that Eid al-Fitr in Niger, Mali and Afghanistan was on Sunday, May 01, 2022, which is impossible scientifically and logically .The Quran began with the word < إقرأ > which is an order to read and acquire more knowledge, and our Prophet, upon Him peace and blessings, called to study all the useful sciences. So how can the representatives of a religion that regards the Qur’an as holy book and Muhammad, upon him peace and blessings, as master, can ignore their teachings and announce the sight of a crescent that cannot be seen?


According to accurate and reliable scientific calculations, the crescent of the month of Shawwal was born on Saturday at 20:27 UTC, and looking at the visibility curves approved by international astronomical observatories, it becomes clear , that the crescent cannot be seen in any region of the world at night Saturday, April 30, 2022. Therefore, declaring Sunday to be the day of Eid al-Fitr, according to the vision, is scientifically impossible.
What is strange is that these countries have adopted the testimonies of a significant number of people: Mali announced the testimony of 8 people, Afghanistan announced the testimony of 27 people, while Niger announced that the crescent has been seen in three regions of the country. It seems that the official authorities of these countries have neglected that testimony can only be accepted from a trustworthy person. Is it reasonable for a trustworthy person to testify to something that contradicts science and logic?


Accordingly, we kindly and sincerely remind the responsible authorities in these and other countries to adopt correct Islamic and scientific methods in determining the timings and rituals of Islam.
God said in the Quran:


Whoever greatly respects the rites (prescribed by) Allah, (his attitude comes from) the purity of his heart.