How to celebrate Eid-Al-Adha?

Eid-Al-Adha is the biggest holiday in Islam. It is above all a spiritual feast which reminds Muslims the obligation of union for their own good and the good of their religion . It is moreover one of the proposes for wish this site is created. Eid-Al-Adha gives the opportunity to believers to thank God for His benefits and to please the people in need by offring them meat and gifts.

Early in the morning all over the world, they start their day by saying     lounges to God by repeating together and aloud prayers such as: “Allahu Akbar(God is Great) Soubhana Allah( God is exempt from any imperfection)” .

The prayer of Eid-Al-Adha starts with the pronunciation of 7 takbir in the first rak’ah; then 5 takbirs in the second Rak’ah .

After prayer, Muslims slaughter their offering to Dieu oudhia (sheep or others).

It is highly suitable to divide the oudhia into three parts; the first for oneself and family; the second as a gift for friends; and the third as gift for the people in need .

Like oudhia one can slaughter a male sheep or several ( not less than a year), a goat of two, a bull calf of two years or a camel of 5 years.

A bull calf could be enough for 7 people.

Eid-Al-Adha is not only an occasion to eat meat as many people think it . It is above all a spiritual feast in which Muslims manifest solidarity and love between them .