Belief in Prophets and Messengers

Prophets and messengers are those whom God, the
Almighty, has chosen among his creations to transmit his messages and invoke to His religion.
Prophets are human like us, but they have all the qualities of human perfection such as honesty, courage, intelligence, insight, patience and generosity.
The Prophets are free from all human faults such as lying, betrayal and theft.
The number of Prophets and Messengers is 124,000, including 313 messengers.
The difference between a Prophet and a Messenger is that the Messenger receives a new law which differs in some of its details from the Laws of the Messenger who preceded it.
While the Prophet, receives the obligation to call to act according to the laws of the Messenger who preceded Him.
God gives the Prophets as many miracles as He wants according to His wisdom.
Prophets and messengers are infallible. This means that they do not fall into:
– Disbelief
– Major sins
– Minor sins that include wickedness, such as lying and gazing.
– Anything that would keep people away from them. Like bad smells and disgusting diseases.