Conditions for the validity of Prayer

Conditions for the validity of Prayer : 

– Islam
– Ensure that the prayer time has come
– The body, clothes and place of Prayer shall be free of impurities
– cover the ‘Aurah (nakedness)
   Man should cover himself between navel and knee
   Woman should cover her body except the face and hands
– Heading to the Kaaba
– Tamiiz (To be reasonable) the Prayer of a child who does not understand what he is doing is not valid

The invalidators of Prayer : 

– Hadath: which is everything that invalidates minor ablution (Al- oudou) and major ablution (Al-ghusl ) 
 – Intentionally speaking that not concerns the reform of prayer. Prayer does not invalidate if he spoke a little forgetful
–  Deliberate eating and drinking. The Prayer of one who eats a little by forgetting is not invalidated
– Giggling
– Do many movements or one excessive movement  
– One move to play 
– The intention of cutting the Prayer