How to perform Prayer

How to Perform a full rak’ah (cycle) from

Prayer (As-salat) :

The intension to perform Prayer in the heart.
The Opening Takbir.
Reciting the Fatihah.
Reciting a Surah or some Ayahs from the Holly Koran.
Do the Ruku’ (Bowing).
The I’tidal from Ruku’ (bowing) (Straightening up).
The Sujiud twice (Prostration).
The Sitting between the two Sujuds (Prostrations).
Tranquility in all positions, do not rush.

The number of rak’ahs for each prayer:

  Subh: Two rak’ahs loudly.
  Zuhr: Four rak’ahs silently.
  ‘Asr: Four rak’ahs silently.
  Maghrib: Three rak’ahs two of them loudly.
  ‘Isha: Four rak’ahs two of them loudly.

How to Perform the Prayer (As-salat) :

  • Repeat the rak’ah according to the number of rak’ahs of prayer.
  • In Ruku’ (bowing) pronounce thrice: Subhana Rbbial ‘Azym.
  • In Sujud (prostration) pronounce thrice: Subhana Rabbial A’laa.
  • Pronounce Allahu Akbar when moving from one position to other.
  • When standing up from Ruku’ pronounce: Sami’Allahu liman hamidah , then: Rabbana walakal Hamd.
  •  Sit between the second and third rak’ahs and reads At-tahyat.
  • Sit after the last Sujud(prostration) and reads At-tashahud and As-salat Al-Ibrahimyah.
  • Twice pronounce: Assalamu Alaykum.