Minor Ablution

How to do the minor ablution

(Al- oudou) :

– The intention of minor ablution in the heart.
– Wash your hands three times starting with the right hand.
– Rinse your mouth three times.
– Aspirate water in the nose and expel it three times.
– Wash the face three times.
– Wash your hands up to the elbows three times, starting with the right hand.
– Run your moistened hands over the whole head once.
– Pass your wet fingers outside and inside his ears.
– Wash the feet with the ankles.

Causes requiring minor ablution


 – Everything that comes out of the front and back aisles
 – Touch the penis with the palm of the hand without insulation (1)
 – Touching the skin of a foreign woman without insulation (1) (2)
 – What veils reason such as deep sleep (3), fainting or drunkenness
(1) Insulation such as cloth
(2) or if the woman touches a foreign man
(3) Sleep is said to heavy, when the person drops what he was holding in his hand, drools or when he does not hear who is being said to him.