The major ablution

How to do the major ablution

(Al- ghoussl) (1):

– The intention of major ablution in the heart
– Pronounce the Basmalah (2)
– Wash the parts of the body which are above the knees and below the navel once.
– Do minor ablution by washing each organ only once
– Pour and pass water on the rest of the body, starting with the right part of the body
(1) It is sufficient for the validity of the ghusl to pass the water throughout the body
(2) Pronounce: Bismillah Ar-rahmen Ar-Rahim which means: I start by quoting The Name of Allah, The One Who bestows many Mercies

The causes requiring major ablution 

(Al-ghoussl) :

  1. After perform sexual intercourse.
  2. The menstruation ends.
  3. When postpartum bleeding ends.
  4. After secretion of semen or viscous liquid.